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: Mod suggestions

13th July 2012, 09:22 AM
Hello fine gents, I was hoping to field some opinions on what (if any) mods I should do:

First some information:

So I have a 2002 9-3 Anniversary edition (2.0 with lpt t17) auto trans. This is a daily driver without much chance of it being off the road (for more than a weekend), and I currently don't have the space to be doing anything that requires a jack (or any level surface :)) myself.

Current issues that I have with it:
-Lack of power once hitting higher revs 5k+ (and/or freeway onramps)
-Wheel spin on takeoff (this is probably as much a factor of the uneven + wet roads I frequent), especially around corners
-Audio system (in the process of doing this, just waiting on some pieces)
-Annoying brake pads (horrible noise on braking, apparently they're rather hard -- Lucas I believe)

And the twist; my license currently carries a stipulation of 'no mods to increase engine performance'. The rule is rather vague (and nearly impossible to enforce, or prove it wasn't an existing mod). Given the grey area; it may be say acceptable to upgrade to t17 to a td04 for reliability reasons...

[b]My thoughts[b]:
-(Bigger) Rear ARB. From reading around it would seem that this is a must have.
-New pads, I see that GS carries Hawk HPS+, I was considering getting these + the grooved rotors (stock size). Worthwhile?
-Maybe rear strut after seeing how the arb feels? Would the difference even be noticeable in stage0?
-ECU remap?
-T17 -> TD04? There's ~170km on the clock (unsure if it's been replaced or not), so replacing (or rebuilding) the turbo in the near future may be a reality anyway.

Rather conveniently, I have a Abbott racing supplier not too far from where I live, so it's not a biggie to get stuff from there.

Most visual stuff comes stock with the anniversary, so not too interested in that.

I greatly appreciate any input or suggestions you have :).