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: Downpipe replacement

Johann F
08-03-04, 05:43 AM
Theres a hole in my downpipe where it's clamped to the gearbox bracket. I'm going to patch it but it's going to need replacing. I seem to remember theres' a downpipe available that does away with the cast elbow off the turbo but still manages to retain the battery - sorry for being lazy and not trawling through past postings :oops:

08-03-04, 06:05 AM
Brad's downpipe for the TE05 replaces the cast elbow, but allows the battery to remain in the stock location. IIRC it's manufactured from stainless steel.

08-03-04, 07:31 AM
Brad's downpipe apparently doesn't hook up to the stock cat, and it costs quite a bit :) But I'm sure it's worth every pence.