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: Bying a 9000

31st May 2002, 08:22 AM
I've owned a 99, 900 Turbo8 and now I'm driving standard 900. I've been looking for a new car for some time now, and a 9000 2,3 turbo 16 looks like the car. What should I look for when I test drive it? Where are the common rust spots, what brakes etc?

Year model will be 92-95, but my biggest fear is that in Finland where I live these cars are quite rare (don't really know.) so I don't necesserely have many candidates to choose from.

If you have any info please let me know.

If you know any good links feel free to share those. (Also you can try to make me buy a 2.0 T16 900 if you want, I'm listening for good arguments...)

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3rd June 2002, 03:35 PM
Hi 9902468! On a good example 92-95, rust should not be a problem, though look at the rear arches and the bottom of the doors. If a car is particularly rusty - walk away. Any rust in odd places could possibly down to accident damage.

9000's are excellent value in the UK, so if this is the same in Finland, you can probably afford to be fussy.

Expensive items to look out for are gearbox problems, rattling timing chain, slave cylinder, and on the early cars, TCS/ABS.

Definately go for the 2.3 Full Pressure Turbo. If it doesn't pull strongly, there is something wrong. Don't know how much it should boost into the red, but mine boosts at least half way into the red after 161,000 miles! :grin:

Check all the electrics, as they can be expensive to repair, though also bear in mind that a car with no computer display may just need new bulbs. It's not always the expensive route! Check stuff like Cruise, Air-con/Climate, heated seats and so on.

The 9000 may never be quite as sexy as a classic 900, though they are damn fine cars. The 2.3 FPT's will also give a lot of other "fast" cars quite a scare! :grin: