: Monthly Cars & Coffee (Virginia Beach)

10th March 2012, 02:47 PM
There's this local guy, drives a Testarossa, and organizes a somewhat monthly "cars & coffee" gathering in VB. I haven't gone for a couple of years, not since I had my Saturn Sky. Now that I have the FMIC up and running, I decided to go check it out this morning. Here's some pics of the early arrivals. By the time I left, maybe an hour later, there must've been over 50 cars in the parking lot. Different flavors, like American muscle ('Vettes, Camaros, Mustangs, GTOs), Euro muscle (M3s, M5s, didn't see any AMGs and only one Porsche Boxster), roadsters (Lotus Elise, Miatas), some of those 4-door Cadillac sedan things, and the obligatory "Fast & Furious" types like Evos, STi's, Acuras, etc. And of course my favorites, Italian:



They even had some cool two-wheelers there. I've been riding motorcycles since the early 80's, but I have no idea what this is. The guy's got some cool things on it, like 4-piston brakes with s/s lines, clubman bars, Uni foam filter, dual headlights, etc. But I'm wondering if that thing actually goes fast enough to need those brakes, lol!