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: Priced Bilsteins replacement for my 9-3 SS, reasonable

20th February 2004, 11:23 AM
I just got a quotation from partsforsaabs, and the price for the Bilsteins sprint dampeners, which are specifically designed for lowered sport suspension in the 9-3SS, is USD600.00 + shipping. You can only get them now from Europe. The distributors in north America do not yet have this in their inventory. I will find out when the mileage gets to about 60,000 km whether it becomes available in North America by that time and if not, will probably get them from partsforsaabs.

The bilsteins are definitely worth the price, given that the SAAB OEM shocks will probably cost not much less and also given the proven performance and durability of the Bilsteins.

If Koni's were available, I think it will be cheaper and performance would be comparable to the Bilsteins (and it's adjustable!). Apparently, they should be available by the end of this year.