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: Poor idle mystery solved!

16th February 2004, 07:44 AM
My last 900 was disposed of because a mysterious affliction caused it to run really rich and not idle, sometimes it would stall at lights, it's idle was sometimes really low, eventually it just wouldn't fire and was out of MOT and II had a new one so I ebayed it!

Now, I changed the thermostat in my current steed on Saturday, and the damn thing wouldn't fire :evil: , it had soaked it's plugs, and for months it's had an occasional idle problem ( ie from cold it would idle at 500rpm, sometimes it just stalled) so I feared another mystery.

Miraculously my local scrappy has a Lucas equipped T16 so I took it's AIC valve (?) and slapped it on my car, hey presto!

The old valve shows no obvious signs of damage and was clean inside, but was evidently knackered.

So a lesson to all, as I've seen similar posts on this topic many times before, try swapping your AIC valve, not just cleaning it :nono; :cheesy:

As you were..... :wink: