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: 9-5 upgrades

15th February 2004, 12:16 PM
Hi everyone,

I'm new to Saabcentral and back with Saab after a break of a couple of years. Having owned a late model 9000 Aero I immediately noticed how sluggish my 9-5 2.3 LPT appeared to be. My car is a 98 model with a manual gearbox and so far, after useful advice on this site I've just replaced the PCV hoses and fitted cruise control (Very straightforward). Although my car has only done 63,000 miles and the PCV hoses didn't seem too bad, replacing them has made a noticeable difference. Now I've gone off topic somewhat, the reason for posting here is that I have taken the plunge and bought a second hand Speedparts Stage 1 ECU and new filter from murphwiz and hope to have it fitted in the next couple of days. I will report on the pros and cons when it is fitted, particularly as I'm going to entrust the programming of the immoboliser to my local Saab dealer, just hope that they don't cock up and wipe out the Speedparts programme :(
I know that I should have upgraded suspension and brakes first, but as the ECU upgrade was on the cards anyway and murphwiz was selling his, I thought I may as well. Any additional advice would be gratefully received :lol:

15th February 2004, 12:22 PM
Welcome (back?) to Saabcentral :D

I have a BSR Stage 1 PPC (220Bhp) fitted to my 9-5. You will enjoy the extra power :cheesy: but get that suspension seen to asap! I fitted a Koni Kit (http://www.partsforsaabs.com/default.php?cPath=2_189_208) and am very pleased with the results, it's transformed the handling of the car from what it was. Personally I think my standard brakes are fine, but will upgrade to Fast Road pads when the existing pads wear out.

15th February 2004, 12:34 PM
Thanks Simon,

Yes, the Koni suspension is on the list of things to do, but first I need to fit a towing bracket and electrics. Will post on the workshop when done!
Love the look of your car with those 17" alloys by the way! :cheesy:

16th February 2004, 03:55 PM
Love the look of your car with those 17" alloys by the way! :cheesy:

Thanks! :cheesy:

18th February 2004, 04:44 PM
Well, first problems encountered........... :cry:
Firstly, none of my four local Saab specialists (Yes, I know I'm lucky!)have Tech 2 so they are unable to programme the ECU to my immoboliser.
Secondly, the service manager at my local dealer asked if the unit had been "DIVORCED" from Murphwiz's car, as, if it hadn't been they may not be able to programme it to my car. :x
Reliably informed by Murphwiz that this is a 20 minute job, tops by someone who knows what they are doing with the Tech 2. I now have the nagging worry that they may not know what they are doing and could, inadvertantly wipe clear the Speedparts program. :oops:
On the plus side, the service manager has re-contacted me and informed me that they can do it, but their Tech 2 is kaput!
I'm now considering going to another dealer as my ever helpful local Saab specialist, Aeromotive of Birstall, Yorks advised me not to take my car there but go to the Leeds branch of Robert Bowett who have an excellent Tech 2 tecnician. Think I will follow that advice and report back.
On the plus side, I have fitted the JR performance air filter provided by Murphwiz and that too has made a noticeable difference. Already the car feels more urgent and now, possibly somewhere near it's claimed 170 bhp, :lol:

18th February 2004, 05:23 PM
Any Specialist or Dealer with Tech II should be able to sort it out for you. Sounds like some of them don't really know what they are talking about! :roll:

23rd February 2004, 04:52 PM
Well, at least I now know why my car felt really sluggish.
I ran the car down to Robert Bowett Saab of Leeds to have the upgraded ECU fitted and their excellent technician, Sean quickly noticed that the control arm had dropped off the wastegate...............therefore, no turbo :(
In effect I had been driving a normally aspirated 2.3!
For the very reasonable price of 45.00 Sean re-fitted the arm to the wastegate and the Speedparts ECU. He then programmed in my immoboliser plus a couple of Tech 2 options. Result? One totally transformed 9-5. :cheesy:
The only problems I have now are that I am unable to judge what difference the upgrade has made over the standard car, though the car now feels to have in excess of 200 bhp.
I may drop the original ECU back in briefly to see what difference it has made. The other problem is that the extra performance has highlighted the shortcomings of the standard Saab suspension and brakes so they may have to be next on the list.

30th March 2004, 05:05 PM
Well, a month or so down the line and the initial euphoria has worn off. After initially feeling very responsive the car seems to have faltered a little and doesn't seem as responsive. I know I will have got used to the extra performance by now but I'm beginning to think that the Speedparts ECU is metering too much fuel into the engine which is not being burnt off efficiently. This has been highlighted somewhat with towing the new caravan where the engine seems to be pinking under load. I have tried Super Unleaded with no noticeable difference. Having initially fitted the ECU, the Saab technician thought it was "fizzing" at high revs and suggested fitting the Aero plugs. Has anyone got any suggestions as to whether this may improve matters or just be a waste of money? The other downside is that urban fuel consumption has dropped to around 16-17 mpg :cry: