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: 9000CD 1994 drive belt

20th May 2002, 11:16 PM
Help! My drive belt has broken eight times, in a couple of months. This is either when driving or starting up. We disconected the airconditioning so I don't think it is this compressor. When it isn't doing this, another annoying habit is that the battery sign comes on and the power completely cuts out while I'm driving, usually in heavy traffic. It will start again but I have to use a huge amount of accelerator to keep going. This also wrecks the belt, so that lead to a few more replacements. I can't afford any more belts, plus I'm too scared to drive anywhere. My mechanic can't work out what is breaking them. Can anyone help?

21st May 2002, 05:48 PM
some of pulleys might be damaged. Twisted or so. Check that alternator and waterpump pulleys spins easily. The problem might be in drivenbelt tensioner, that itīs not working properly.