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: T16S Cone Filter?

19th May 2002, 06:05 AM
Does anyone have a K&N 57i cone filter fitted on a 1991 900 T16S? I have searched and searched for one but with no luck.

If they don`t do one, can anyone recommend an alternative product?

Many thanks.

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19th May 2002, 06:35 AM
As your car is a '91 it should have the Lucas injection system not the Bosch. The 57i listed for the Saab is for the 16v injection which used the Bosch system.

If you go to Kinnor services (www.filterpower.com) knowing the measurements of the AMM you can order a cone filter to any size that you require, for only about 35 or so.

Johann F
20th May 2002, 03:39 AM
It's not straightforward on a Lucas FI car as you have to change the position of the AMM. You will have to make up a new connector between the AMM and the turbo intake pipe with a cutdown CV boot and hang the whole assembly off the IC to throttle intake with some large zip ties. There is no 'bolt on' mod that you can buy off the shelf. JR filters are cheaper than K&amp;N and just as good - measure the intake diameter of the AMM and order over the phone/net as Alex says. I think mine was 85/90mm?

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21st May 2002, 01:21 AM
What Johann says is true, but it really is pretty simple, and i'd still class it as a 'bolt on' mod - if i can manage it in under an hour it can't be that hard!

The only real difficulty was that there is a small peg on the AMM which matches up to a slot on the stock airbox which you have to remove to be able to attach the new filter. But that shouldn't take more than 5-10mins with a hacksaw.
Other than that the most difficult bit was persuading the stock airbox to come out in the first place - there's definitly something about my car and rusted bolts!

I used a JR cone filter from filterpower.com (90mm, i don't remember the part number i'm afraid) which was about 40, and a cut down cv boot on Johanns recommndation, and it all went together very easily. Although the AMM is a bit of a tight fit underneath the intercooler pipe.

1990 900 T16 conv, 110k
1987 900 T8 3d, 145k (http://www.escdesign.co.uk/~akamal/saab/)

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21st May 2002, 04:54 AM
I did this mod at the weekend, on my Monte Carlo Convertible.

I cut a small nick in the flange of the cone filter (K&amp;N, 84mm diameter flange, part number RU 2710 from memory) then made sure it sealed properly and tightened the jubilee clip really tight.

I built a bracket to support the weight of the AMM and filter, then cabletied it to something solid so it is in roughly the same position as it was originally. After a weekend of hard driving it has not moved.

The car feels as though it has lost a little low down torque, however it has a lot more at the upper end of the rev range. Also it makes a fabulous "flutter" when the wastegate works, which it didn't before...

Thoroughly recommended.