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: 500hp saab 9-3!

28th August 2011, 02:29 AM
hi peeps,
as many of you know i have been building my 1999 saab 9-3 for a little while now.
unfortunately i have to quit the project as other commitments have arised!:evil:

currently running but have spun a rod bearing :cry: easy fix just dont have the time, patience or money to fix it at the moment!

is currently Australias fastest/most hp saab that i know of and was scheduled for a photoshoot to be on the cover of zoom magazine!

so this is an E.O.I at the moment and wouldnt mind selling it as a whole car package.

im asking around the 8k mark as everything is 1 off custom made.

mod list includes.........

gt3076 turbo with 38mm tial external wastegate.
3" full exhaust with canon muffler.
custom tapered/polished inlet manifold with relocated stock throttle body
3" intercooler piping
4"thick 500mmx400mm intercooler
battery relocated to boot in battery box
bosch 044 fuel pump
3 bar map sensor
slim line thermo fan
seimen deka 850cc injectors
4" intake and filter
polished rocker cover
billet fuel filter
jzw custom stage 6/7 tune wich made 508.22 hp with the same setup minus intake manifold, so expect more.
race spec clutch and lightened flywheel
billet oil cap
brand spanking new kyb excel g shocks all round
new tyres
dba slotted front rotors

5 speed manual
dual stage boost controller (not installed)

this car is an absolute weapon! on 14psi (stock waste gate spring) hitting boost is like being punched in the face and 27psi is unexplainable almost breath taking!! as you get sucked into the seat!

i want it to go to a good home and be appreciated!
probaly cost maximum of $1500 to fix so a 500hp estimated 11 second street car for around 10k is a bargin!

there's probably alot i have forgotten but you get the idea.
please email all inquiries to ai_custom_graphix@bigpond.com


29th August 2011, 06:29 AM
Bro,its all over, what happened?

29th August 2011, 06:38 AM
nah its not over ! i had the ****s and decided to sell it all because i was over it all!!!
especially after spining number 2 and 3 bearings then replacing them, all was good for about 30kms and then it happened again!!! thought i could get away with it but obviously the tiny score in the crank didnt wanna play ball i supose.

so it looks like a full rebuild and chase bigger power!
but ill tell you! when this thing hits boost.............. IT HITS BOOST HARD!

1st September 2011, 04:40 PM
i still have the crank, rods and pistons if you want them.
offer me something in a pm.
gotta get this thing back on the road!!!