: **VIDEO**Anglesey Trackday- UKS/PISTONHEADS

19th August 2011, 02:15 PM
Well, it has only taken 2 months to put the video up.......
How time flies :D
Please find the latest SOULFIRER TV video link on Streetfire.net below.
Before you click on it, a little intro.......

On the 18th June, in association with Bookatrack and Pistonheads, a few UKSAABERS attended the open pit lane event at Anglesey Race Track in Wales- GP circuit, 2.1miles long.
Weather immediately before was awful, pouring rain and driving winds.
It was a suprise to everybody when the day itself proved to be glorious sunshine. Result 8)
UKS took 3 saab 9000's to the event, two AEROS and one CARLSSON (the PINK PANTHER, who retired after this event).
Usual suspects - mrd2525, YLEE, SaabNScotland and of course myself on the saab front, Wynn with his MX5, Neil with his S2K (s2k forum sharing the trackday, so quite a few of them on circuit, including a 350bhp one)
There were some seriously fast peices of kit there, on what is effectively a superlight circuit.
The Arial ATOM, Westfield XTR2, MKIndy (Hayabusa engined), Suzuki Cappucino (Hayabusi engined), RAGE buggy - all these cars are 0-60 in 3 seconds, c 200bhp on 400kg weight.
You do the maths. That's some power to weight ratios!! You see a couple going past a porsche GT3 and it ain't hanging around!
The video is a fraction over 20 minutes long, It was a suprise to me to discover that Streetfire have now changed their upload format...for the worse.
They now put their longer vids into 'segments' of 10 minutes, with loading pauses in between.
Shame, it really breaks the flow of the composition...ah well.
Video was done using Serif MoviePlus x 3, new software for me, so tried a few new things.
Footage was a compilation of a multitude of codecs and quite a challenge to try and get consistant.
Result is from a good few late nights with a glass (or three!) of good malt whisky.
Hope you like the results.

UKSAABS/Pistonheads ANGLESEY TRACKDAY VIDEO (http://www.streetfire.net/video/uksaabs-at-anglesey-18th-june-2011_2299375.htm)