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: What I dislike about 9-5NG 2.8T

9th August 2011, 12:16 PM
What I dislike about 9-5NG 2.8T
We just got 1 9-5NG locally so I had a chance to sit in it. Still no test drive and not possible to order because factory is standing still. I will add something after I test drive it or after I finally buy it. I will 1 in 1 topic instead of creating new one after new bad feature.
I will not write what I liked about the car.. it does not matter. But bad things had to be fixed. Also I will try not to critique things which will need SAAB money to be fixed (developing faster engine or something like that)
1) I do not like vibrations on idle inside cabin, 9-5OG had that problem, I hoped 9-5NG won’t have it. But that is probably hard to fix, because you need other engine/gearbox/suspension.
2) I did not like holes in sunroof cover in previous 9-5.. These time no holes, but it lets light it…. Stupid. If I closed it I do not need any light
3) There are some reflections on windshield, better that 9-5OG but not ideal. Good to be fixed since it kill some vision on sunny days, especially when windshield getting old
4) Light roof inside. Why not possible to order black one? I want black car, black seats and black roof. Not a light one, which looks not good and cheap.
5) I do not like 245 widths on 18 inch wheels. Hirsch sells 255/35R20, Opel sells 255/35R20 on OPC.. I do not like huge rims, but I like wider and bigger wheel, it looks better and probably handles and brake better if Hirsch and OPC use 255. Give me 255/45R18 at least as option on 8.5 rims.. That size is widespread.
6) I do not like that I can’t order Hirsch springs, exhaust and body kit form factory and some SAAB accessories.
7) That Is something about Russian market: airbags not in base – that is ridiculous for SAAB not to have ALL safety options in base even for 1.6
8) I want webasto-like from factory with remote start, must have option for winter. Not an autostart.