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: How to identify the model of Turbo??

11th May 2002, 07:45 PM
I have a new turbo(water cooled) in my car (9000 turbo 16V 2.0l 1989/august)which was replaced by previous owner.
I am not sure about that which model it is (garrett T03 or TE05 or T25). I believe that it is not T25 model, because it's clearly smaller than T03..
There is no sure sign in turbo“s body about the model. Only readings what I can find are: K 3 and serial number 84- something. (is it hybrid turbo or what?)
I would appreciate if someone could enlighten me about this matter.

What are the big differences between T03 and TE05 ??
My car is originally 175 bhp model with DI and one ECU.


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12th May 2002, 07:24 AM
there should be an identification plate on the compressor side of the turbo, the Mitsubishi is alot smaller than the Garrett and gives less lag but less top end boost as a consequence.
Ive fitted a Mitsu TE-05 to my 900 but im putting the Garrett back on when ive rebuilt it!!! :smile:


12th May 2002, 07:41 AM
Yes there is an identification plate, but it is blank.
Turbo seems to be quite big (bigger than T25)
I have a receipt that the turbo has been purchased from: I.T.S turbo limited and it cost 475£.
Previous owner said that the new turbo is original, but that the car felt like much quicker than before..??(after 100 miles of new turbo replacement, the big end bearings started to make clocking noise, and the car has not drive since).

I will get cranksaft from machineshop tomorrow, and I should drive with that car before end of the week.


U Gotta have a Curve in the
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12th May 2002, 10:30 AM
Well it sounds like a Garrett T3 to me, these are fairly large- ie bigger than a T25 i think.


Janne Selinummi
12th May 2002, 11:49 AM
Mitsubishi TE-05 and Garrett T25 are equivalents in size (roughly), while T03 is bigger. Also there are many variants of each turbocharger type, for example in Garrett T3s, compressor wheel diameter can vary from 45 mm to 60 mm.

Eric van Spelde
12th May 2002, 01:51 PM
TE05 might be similar in center housing dimensions as T25. I've found however that both the TE05 in my friends '92 T16S (which I removed/reinstalled for him because of a rebuild) and the 45 trim T03 in older 900T16's have 40 mm compressor wheels (that is, the -visible- side of the compressor wheel that matches the hole on the inlet side. The dimensions of the part of the compressor wheel 'hiding' inside could differ significantly. From the outside, my upgraded T03 with a machined compressor housing is indistinguishable from stock, but if it was it wouldn't have pulled so hard all the way to the rev limiter, would it?). I don't believe there's that much difference between the flow capabilities of either - Felix' T16S does just nicely with the Trent Saab Stage One kit, some additional tuning by a Dutch specialist and ~225 hp, on the stock TE05 turbo (well, it has a 360 degree thrust bearing since the rebuild, but that's more a reliability item than a performance upgrade).
Note that Saab specifies different hp/torque levels for the same 'red box' tuning kit on the '89/90 9000T 2.0: 195 hp for T25-equipped versions and 204 hp for ones using a TE05. So I would guess the latter has better airflow capabilities.
The 'trim 40' compressor on T8's has a 34 mm compressor wheel. Note that the compressor 'trim level' on T03's - normally from '40 trim' to '60 trim' - are not an equivalent of the diameter of the inlet port hole/compressor wheel.

Flow charts of the T03 trim 40, 45, 50, 60 and Turbonetics 'Super 60' are online somewhere in the 'Resources' section of the TTE site (