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: For Sale: 17" Zinik wheels

2nd June 2011, 08:16 PM
I have a set of 17" Zinik Z24 wheels, they are machined with black accent. I bought them last june and only used them from july until september because my turbo blew. All I can say is they are in amazing condition and have less than 1,000 miles on them. These look awesome on the 9-3 with all the black accent pieces on the car. I am looking for $550 plus shipping, no tires included. I won't have my exact pictures of them up until I can get them out of my friends garage but this is what they look like.... _Wheels&CAWELAID=712175145&wheelModel=Z24&partnum=Z2490545B4273BMF&GCID=C13674x012-wheel&wheelFinish=Machined+w%2FBlack+Accent&wheelMake=Zinik&code=yes& ( lCloseUpServlet%3Ftarget%3DwheelCloseUp%26KEYWORD% 3Dwheels_Zinik_Z24_Machined_w%252FBlack_Accent_Whe els%26CAWELAID%3D712175145%26wheelModel%3DZ24%26pa rtnum%3DZ2490545B4273BMF%26GCID%3DC13674x012-wheel%26wheelFinish%3DMachined%2Bw%252FBlack%2BAcc ent%26wheelMake%3DZinik%26code%3Dyes%26)