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: Muffler (silencer)

Jo K
9th May 2002, 11:19 PM
Call it what you will, I need to replace mine because it has a hole in it and is rusting out.

I have an old 16V turbo with a non-OEM exhaust and muffler (a mid-muffler only). I think I have a 'turbo' muffler on there at the moment (because it says "turbo sport" on it), which as I understand it has baffles in it to muffle the sound.

However, I've read that a 'straight-through' muffler has better flow and would in fact be better than the so-called turbo muffler, even though its a turbo car, if you see what I mean.

If you've stayed with me this far, does anyone have any ideas as to what would be best to go on there? A bit of extra power is always nice, but I don't want a loud car and I don't like rice! So perhaps I should just stick to replacing like with like.

Am I caught between two lovers, feeling like a fool, or can I have my cake and eat it too?

Jo K
'85 Aero

Johann F
10th May 2002, 04:41 AM
No back box eh? - interesting setup. Here's a radical solution get a stock aftermarket exhaust (any will do) tailpipe, back box and center section. Then get a custom exhaust shop to make up a replacement for the stock casting that comes off the turbo - you will have to move the battery to the boot beforehand. This should be as gentle as possible within the space and join on to just before the mid section. I believe this one part of the Saab exhaust system is the biggest performance killer - straight after the turbo the exhaust gasses slam right into a 90deg bend when they are at their highest velocity - if you don'd address this it's a waste of money investing in anything exotic downstream. Lets be honest the Saab turbo exhaust is pretty fat and straight - it shouldn't be a restriction!

10th May 2002, 11:50 AM
Just like mine!!

Jo K
12th May 2002, 10:45 PM
Wellllllll, I don't think I'll be moving the battery to the boot just so that I can have a less restrictive exhaust. All I want to know is whether I should go with a 'turbo' muffler or a 'straight-through' muffler.

BTW, turbos only usually have one muffler, so no 'back-box'...

Johann F
13th May 2002, 04:42 AM
Saab 900 exhaust systems (non cat) consist of 3 sections; downpipe with centerbox, a back box and a tail pipe. Which box are you refering to?

Jo K
13th May 2002, 03:20 PM
LOL, the box that's half-way along, i.e. more or less in the centre of the car infront of the rear wheels. Some of the exhausts I've seen have two boxes, this has one. I suppose it could just as easily go at the back, but it's hanging in the middle there. As long as it's 'somewhere' I suppose!

Thanks for your help...