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: Rear Brakes Not working Right?

10th May 2011, 08:10 PM
I bought my car a year before I could drive it, so I just drove it up and down my street to start it once and a while just to get it running. I noticed then that all my brakes cleared the rust off the surface of the rotors. When I finally got to register and drive the car this march I noticed that the rear rotors no longer cleared the rust off the rotor surface.
I took both calipers off and depressed the brakes and one caliper came unstuck and the other was not stuck to begin with. The problem still persisted. I finally sucked it up and bought two new rear calipers and installed them. Problem still persisted.
The weird part is i can hear the rear brakes squeal once and a while.
My first thought was the calipers, obviously not. The hard lines were replaced right before i bought the car. My next thought is the flexible lines, the car is 14 years old and my brakes feel squishier then i think they should.
I was about to order new stainless steel lines from GS today when i noticed that GS upped the price from $85 to $135 and it showed that they claimed a markdown from $155. I can never remember those lines being that much.

Now I am thinking I should obtain the opinion of the much more experienced population of SaabCentral before I do anything. I'm looking for any opinions or thoughts on what the problem could be. Thank You for the support.