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: Dawes device

6th May 2002, 03:52 PM
Well the APC started to play up again this week, after removing the APC and making some adjustments to the "F" pot. I was certain that it was a connection fault but after stripping down the multiplug and cleaning all terminals, I still had the intermittant loss of boost. While I was in there I removed the wire that cuts boost when applying the brakes and moved the terminal to pin 19 so I have a proper connection to the LED that displays knock!!
Then I got fed up, so fitted the Dawes device I had, well the car certainly flies with it on, but i'm concerned about knock sensetivity and as Alex said the car just sails through the areas where knock is most prone (4,000rpm area).
Can I get an air/fuel meter, as I don't have a lambada sensor, is there another way of getting a reading?

6th May 2002, 05:01 PM

It is still possible to have the APC connected (so that the LED can flicker away atleast) without connecting it to solenoid.

To connect an AFR gauge you do need a lambda probe (plus a threaded boss in the exhaust pipe), but theses are only around 30 from Halfords or Eurocarparts.

7th May 2002, 04:43 PM
Thanx Alex,
Still have the knock sensor working as you said, mind it flickers alot @ 4000rpm.
I also kept the runs to the dawes really short, by getting the boost from a nipple on the turbo, an old turbo I had came with a nipple and I found that my turbo had a plug blocking the hole, so removed and put the nipple in! Seems to be working really well.
One thing I have noticed is when coming off boost and opening the dump valve (with boy racer whoooosssshhhh!) I sense a slight hesitation, that I never had before. Would it be best to take the boost feed to the dump valve from the turbo nipple also, rather than the inlet manifold??
Any thoughts on the above anybody??