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: pistons?

06-05-02, 01:43 AM
are saabs original pistons cast or forced iron?

06-05-02, 03:47 AM
I thought they were forged (alloy?).

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06-05-02, 05:46 AM
I'm trying to find an answer out to this question as well.

The Saab technical data book doesn't give contain the answer either, but does state that turbos use Mahle or Kolben Schmidt while Hepolites are only to be used in injection cars. This does suggest a difference between the pistons.

06-05-02, 05:57 AM
thanks for your answers, i think that too that saab have used only usual pistons in N/A engines.:smile:

Janne Selinummi
06-05-02, 02:01 PM
The turbocharged Saabs have Mahle pistons, but they are not forged, all cast, all the way. The difference is, that the 900T Mahles are specially designed for turbo use, and are much stronger than standard pistons, even though they aren't forged.

Good forged pistons are stronger still, but can cause "interesting" symptons with the engine cold. Standard Mahle Saab Turbo pistons should be capable of taking all stress up to 2 bar of boost and at least 350 hp, if they can't cope, then mixture isn't right or the engine's knocking. Ditch the APC and run 2 bar with an otherways standard engine, however, and you won't have time to blink your eyes before the engine goes boom with full throttle!

06-05-02, 10:14 PM
So JE pistons are a rip off?

07-05-02, 12:29 AM
Well there not a rip off, but there not necessary. If that makes sense..

07-05-02, 01:42 PM
Does any one know anything about this company?


The prices for their Mahle pistons about 330 for a set appear very good, compared to about 160 each for a piston in the UK.

Janne Selinummi
08-05-02, 04:30 AM
Yes, their pricing seems very much OK - just make sure the prices ate for turbo pistons!
I contacted the people there, and it seems that most of the engine parts available are N/A tuning parts.

Anyway, I'm sure they do have experience in building turbo engines for Saab as well.