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: red apc

5th May 2002, 09:13 AM

I recently bought a 1993 Saab 900T16s Conv. and found a red apc on Ebay.

The seller says this apc is for saab 9000 T16 87-88 models and will take the original 175bhp performance to 190bhp.
The saab number for this part is 137007100.

My car has the following VIN: YS3AL75L8P7etc.
I can't find what the fifth one, the L stands for, supposedly it's either B (for base model), D (for turbo model) or C (for S model), so it should be a D, shouldn't it?

Can anyone tell me if the red apc is compatible with my engine?
Can anyone tell me what the L in my Vincode stands for?


5th May 2002, 09:49 AM
for vin nos see:

for apc box nos, see below (from tweaker's old site)

SAAB 900 Turbo
Box number yearmodel car model
9353657 -1982 8V 145hp
9353665 -1982 8V Cat
9358342 1983-1985 8V
9358359 1983-1985 8V Cat
7509961 1984 16V 175hp
7521818 1985 16V 175hp
7521826 1985 16V Cat 160hp
7524119 1986-1989 8V
7567704 1986-1989 8V Cat
7524127 1986-1993 16V 175hp w/o Cat / 87-89 Aero (SPG) US,CA 165hp Cat
7524135 1986 16V Cat 160hp
7566599 1987-1993 16V Cat 160hp
9119330 1989-1993 16V (157hp/116Kw) BE
8857427 1990-1991 Aero(SPG) 175hp US,CA
7583172 1990-1993 16V Cat 175hp
4393971 1990-1993 185hp/136Kw

(actually i think these are black box numbers! sorry)

red box numbers are listed as;

137007704 - M90+, 185DIN
137007001 - M87+, 175DIN
137007506 - M90+, 185DIN

silver 1985 900 Turbo16S - mildly modified for sustainable pleasure!

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5th May 2002, 11:08 AM
thanks Rick,
Most important question remains though, can i put my red apc in my model 93 turbo, which is american spec but originally from luxembourg.

5th May 2002, 11:18 AM
i don't know, actually.........

- try it and see (you'll be able to sell on if it doesn't work, i would have thought)
- do red box modifications to your original black box yourself (see masses of posts on this on this site, it is very cheap to do, cost less than one euro)
- see if you get a better answer than this!!

good luck

5th May 2002, 12:58 PM
The Saab 9000 APC will fit a 900 (I've run one on my own 900 in the past).

As the seller mentions the 9000 Red Box takes the power further than the 900. The 9000 has a stronger box so Saab could warrant the increased power.

So either get the APC or get your soldering iron out and perform the mods yourself.