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: Performance exhaust upgrade for Aero

10th January 2004, 05:04 AM
Hi everyone! I'm new to the saab world, just got my first, an Aero in steel gray a few weeks ago, and I love it, no problems at all and a blast to drive! Just a little more responsive than the Silverado pickup I moved out of :) I've been checking this site out for a few weeks now and really enjoy it, you guys seem to really know your stuff. I've read the info about the air cleaners, so I know what to do there, but I was curious about any exhaust systems for the Aero that would hopefully add a few ponies and a better sound. What have you guys done?

10th January 2004, 06:47 PM
I, as well as a few others changed out the oval exhaust to the dual tip one in the catalogue, better sound b?c of different baffling but no real HP increase. Check they have a cat back sytem available for about 500 that gives about 6hp. Your best bey however is to get the new ecu for $1000 but almost 40hp increase. I'll be doing it in about a month so if you want to wait and use me as a guinea pig thats fine :wink:

11th January 2004, 11:46 PM
Thanks Oslowley, appreciate the advice. I'll be looking forward to hearing how the ECU works out for you. Do you still have to send in yours to the company like I read on previous posts? Oh, and are you happy with the sound of the dual tip exhaust?