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: 2000 Aero?

31st December 2003, 03:36 PM
Hey guys,

I currently have a 97 900set, but I am looking for something new, and have been looking at Viggens when it occured to me that I should also be looking at Aero's.. :cheesy:

Anyway, I came across a 2000 Aero, 5 speed with 27k on it, anybody have any experiences, good or bad with this car they may want to share?

More importantly , What upgrades are available for this car, in the way of ECU, IC, DP, Exhaust, etc?? :cheesy:

31st December 2003, 04:26 PM
Can't speak for the Aero, but my lowly LPT is one nice machine!! For aftermarket parts, check out the BSR link on this web site and www.genuinesaab.com. Lots of goodies, although maybe not as much as with some other models. I don't think there's near as many 9-5 performance enthusiasts as there are with the 9-3/NG 900 models. The 9-5 forums don't seem to have near as much traffic...

7th January 2004, 11:37 AM
I bought a 2000 Aero at the beginning of November and I love it! It had 48,000 miles on it, so it was still under warranty. I took it to the dealer (several times in a 2 week period) and they replaced my faded dash for a new one, replaced a failing headlight wiper, put a new muffler in,fixed a sticky sunroof shade, and replaced my ACC display since a couple of the fan bars were out. All under warranty. I feel like a got a brand new car for less than half the price. Looks great, and runs great. As a 3rd time SAAB owner I would suggest the 9-5 over the Viggen any day. Good luck. :D

8th January 2004, 06:30 AM
I have just got a 9-5 Aero with 52000 miles on the clock from a SAAB main dealer. It's a March 2001 car (230bhp model) so still has a bit of the warranty left. I've had a new A/C control unit fitted, new rear screen (the radio lost signal when the heated rear window was put on) and a new SID display all under warranty with no hassle arguments or a penny out of my pocket. I cannot fault the service or the car even with that mileage on it drives like new.