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5th September 2010, 05:13 PM
Hi there,

I've owned Horace for nearly a year and a half now, I've been working until now just to get past all the things that had to be done (timing chain, alternator, roll bar bushes etc) and am finally able to get on with some of the things I want to get done. I've taken a week off work and am just getting to grips with how long things take and how expensive they are.

I had a few jobs that I needed to get done before winter, one of which I started today. Replacing front wheel bearings and cv joints:



We only managed to get the drivers side done today, mostly because the wheel bearing was an absolute pain to get out, we don't have access to a press so a massive socket and a lump hammer were employed to very good effect.

I also discovered today that circlip pliers come in different sizes, the ones I'd bought for fitting the new wheel bearing circlips were just too small for the job ;oops: Anyway, we know now and have a pair of needle nosed pliers doing the job instead.

The weekend just past was a Bank Holiday so I took advantage of a good day to grind off all the old paint on the new-to-Horace sunroof skin, rub it all down and respray it. Getting all the old paint off took FOREVER!! A good couple of hours with a wire wheel on the angle grinder, but it was important to me not to damage the metal, that would have made it worse. As it was I could barely stand up by the time I'd done it, my arms were shaking from shoulder to wrist, but a good job done I think:



It's not been cut and polished yet, but I'm hoping to do a full clean, cut and polish, valet, wheel wash etc when I've finished everything else this week.

Next project is to get the body trim off and see what horrors are lurking under there, I know it takes on water 'cos it covers my feet everytime I open the door after a rainstorm. I have a question for you good folks though. Any clues you can give me about getting the trim off? I can't seem to find any instructions and the place where the trim is attached to the doors has a fixing I've never seen before.

From inside the door it looks like this:

And from underneath:

I think I can unscrew the fixings on the wheel arches, but this stuff on the doors and back seat area has me stumped.

For now though I have a window regulator repair kit which I'm going to tackle until I can figure out the trim (or you can help me :cheesy:) and there are a number of places on the door skins where there are little rust circles coming through from the other side, I'm going to grind those down, treat them and then re-paint so they don't re-occur, then try to figure out what is causing them.

I'm also planning to waxoil some of the engine bay which is getting a bit rusty, next summer (assuming we actually get one) will be engine out, sort out the engine bay, replace gear linkages and give everything a good clean up. I have an oil leak somewhere near the back of the bay which I need to track down and that will be happening fairly soon, but everything will need a good clean.

Lastly, (for this year) will be re-covering the headlining. I've already got the board out and cleaned off the old foam, I'm going to give it a spray with some adhesive to make a good surface to attach the new headlining to, but at 25 a metre I'll be buying that next month I think. Can't wait to get it all back together and I'll take lots of pictures, Horace is going to look pretty spiffing in his new get-up with his bodywork all taken care of and no wierd grindy noises when we turn left!!

5th September 2010, 08:42 PM
The fasteners on the door that hold the lower rubber flaps and the bottom of the SPG/Aero panels are rivets. You have no choice but to break them to remove them and replacements are difficult to find in that size (find some first, then break them off). I usually just use a shop chisle with a relatively sharp end and pop them off by hammering the chisle under the rivet and above the rubber. It is possible to do this easily without damaging the rubber strips or the door itself.

5th September 2010, 11:26 PM
Drilling them out works too--that's how I got mine out!

6th September 2010, 04:03 AM
Thanks for the info guys, I'll hang on until I've got replacements before I get them off. Luckily there's plenty else to be done in the meanwhile :D

7th September 2010, 05:12 PM

Day 1 at the garage:

I have made a window that goes all the way up and all the way down with no requirement to manually lift the window into the rubber seal to keep the rain out!! It was quite hard work and I took it quite slowly because I wasn't 100% sure I knew what I was doing, but it went ok and apart from a few scratches and scrapes, I managed it without injuring myself too (even when the 11m drill bit wedged itself in the rivet hole and then dragged the entire drill out of my hands :shame: )

I then cracked on with the paintwork. I've been looking forward to seeing exactly what's lying under the little rust bubbles on the drivers side and it turns out there's nothing bad there at all, just a surface bubble. I ground off the paint and then rubbed off the primer, treated it with anti-rust-stuff and then cleaned it all off before using etch primer (which bubbled and made the surface all funny) and rubbing that down before spraying the grey primer. I have now done 4 coats of the black (rubbing down after each 2) and with 2 more coats to go I reckon before I have good coverage, then I may do another couple so that thing don't go funny when I cut and polish at the weekend.

Busy day, but the brilliant thing is that not only do I have a working window now...I also have a brand new bonnet badge which was surprisingly easy to fit!! :aha:

This is how far the drivers side window would go up under only motor-power:

http://i176.photobucket.com/albums/w165/Zahryn/Da%20Cars/th_DSCF5678.jpg (http://i176.photobucket.com/albums/w165/Zahryn/Da%20Cars/th_DSCF5678.jpg)

And here's the culprit:

http://i176.photobucket.com/albums/w165/Zahryn/Da%20Cars/th_DSCF5682.jpg (http://i176.photobucket.com/albums/w165/Zahryn/Da%20Cars/th_DSCF5682.jpg)

With the teeth missing on the regulator it wouldn't bit the teeth on the motor and therefore wouldn't go all the way up!

With all the new parts fitted:

http://i176.photobucket.com/albums/w165/Zahryn/Da%20Cars/th_DSCF5692.jpg (http://i176.photobucket.com/albums/w165/Zahryn/Da%20Cars/th_DSCF5692.jpg)

I reassembled it (I didn't take a picture of a closed window to show you :D ) and everything's working perfectly.

I wanted to get a start on the body work, so I took some photos of the rust bubbles on the door skins and then set to work on the inside of the doors where the skin meets the metal. I'll only put the pics of the passenger side up...you'll get the idea.

After grinding out the flaky stuff and treating it for rust:

http://i176.photobucket.com/albums/w165/Zahryn/Da%20Cars/th_DSCF5702.jpg (http://i176.photobucket.com/albums/w165/Zahryn/Da%20Cars/th_DSCF5702.jpg)

After filling and sanding, ready for painting:

http://i176.photobucket.com/albums/w165/Zahryn/Da%20Cars/th_DSCF5719.jpg (http://i176.photobucket.com/albums/w165/Zahryn/Da%20Cars/th_DSCF5719.jpg)

No pics with paint yet, I wanted to have a second crack at rubbing down the filler to make sure it was smooth.

Last job for the day was to fullfil a promise I made to Horace. I promised him a new bonnet badge if he passed his MOT...that was in Feb and it's taken me this long to get a new one. The old was was pretty sad:

http://i176.photobucket.com/albums/w165/Zahryn/Da%20Cars/th_DSCF5704.jpg (http://i176.photobucket.com/albums/w165/Zahryn/Da%20Cars/th_DSCF5704.jpg)

So I levered it out with a bit of brute force and ignorance (having no idea *how* it was supposed to come out)

http://i176.photobucket.com/albums/w165/Zahryn/Da%20Cars/th_DSCF5708.jpg (http://i176.photobucket.com/albums/w165/Zahryn/Da%20Cars/th_DSCF5708.jpg)

And fitted the nice shiny new one:

http://i176.photobucket.com/albums/w165/Zahryn/Da%20Cars/th_DSCF5709.jpg (http://i176.photobucket.com/albums/w165/Zahryn/Da%20Cars/th_DSCF5709.jpg)

Then the rain started properly so I packed up and came home.

7th September 2010, 05:15 PM
Garage Work Day 2

Today has mostly been a bit annoying. There have been small victories, like the wonderful sanding and painting job I did of the hole under the drivers side lock, but mostly it's been annoying.

Firstly, I ground off the last bits of the rust bubbles that I hadn't done yesterday, and discovered this:

http://i176.photobucket.com/albums/w165/Zahryn/Da%20Cars/th_DSCF5722.jpg (http://i176.photobucket.com/albums/w165/Zahryn/Da%20Cars/DSCF5722.jpg)

Not just surface rust, but a whole kit and kaboodle of holes :angry: I set about them with the filler and eventually made (I think) quite a nice job of filling and sanding them:

http://i176.photobucket.com/albums/w165/Zahryn/Da%20Cars/th_DSCF5731.jpg (http://i176.photobucket.com/albums/w165/Zahryn/Da%20Cars/DSCF5731.jpg)

I also filled back the bits of paintwork I'd started on yesterday, there's enough of a dip between bare metal and surrounding paintwork to make it noticeable without filling. I filled, I sanded and then I sprayed some primer to make sure it was flush. All looked good so I carried on, same procedure as before: 2 coats, rub back, 2 coats, rub back and all was going well.... Until my paint can started to run out. All of a sudden I had sagging and drips in my lovely paint work *pout*

I've left it for today like this:

http://i176.photobucket.com/albums/w165/Zahryn/Da%20Cars/th_DSCF5735.jpg (http://i176.photobucket.com/albums/w165/Zahryn/Da%20Cars/DSCF5735.jpg)

http://i176.photobucket.com/albums/w165/Zahryn/Da%20Cars/th_DSCF5736.jpg (http://i176.photobucket.com/albums/w165/Zahryn/Da%20Cars/DSCF5736.jpg)

I need to rub it back, make sure it's all smooth again and then apply more paint. It'll be alright on the night, but for now I'm not happy with it *grumble*

I managed to do a couple of useful things today, so it's not a total loss. I had another go at re-sealing the sunroof drain pipe, only time and a storm will prove whether I've got it right. I also managed to finish painting the inside of the door skins, although I forgot to take photos :shame:

I finished Day 1 of the resto work with a never-ending cramp in my left foot. That was gone after resting it overnight, but I'm ending Day 2 with a really tight muscle group that's threatening to cramp, at the back of my right thigh and up into my but-tock. I hope that doesn't give me as much grief as the foot did last night.

10th September 2010, 12:08 PM
Garage Work Day 3

Well, it's rainy and a bit miserable outside so I've decided against the valet job on Horace today. This is two-fold, firstly because of the weather, but secondly because Horace is still full of all the tools and etc's that we'll need for the workshop tomorrow, no point emptying him out and cleaning him up, just to get him all dirty again tomorrow is there?

So, instead I thought I'd have a quick catch up on the paintwork which I finally cracked on Weds. It was a lot of hard work and I finished quite late, but it was very worth it. I had quite a lot of trouble with the primer doing this mad crazy-paving thing, and in places where I hadn't even been working which was *really* annoying. I eventually had to give in and fill those bits, rub them back and re-primer them. I finally got the metal to a place I was happy to start painting and below are the end results:

http://i176.photobucket.com/albums/w165/Zahryn/Da%20Cars/th_DSCF5745.jpg (http://i176.photobucket.com/albums/w165/Zahryn/Da%20Cars/DSCF5745.jpg)

http://i176.photobucket.com/albums/w165/Zahryn/Da%20Cars/th_DSCF5744.jpg (http://i176.photobucket.com/albums/w165/Zahryn/Da%20Cars/DSCF5744.jpg)

I took a few close-ups of the pannels I've been working on, they are still quite matt in comparrison to the rest, but I need to give it a few days after painting before I wash, cut and polish the entire car.

http://i176.photobucket.com/albums/w165/Zahryn/Da%20Cars/th_DSCF5749.jpg (http://i176.photobucket.com/albums/w165/Zahryn/Da%20Cars/DSCF5749.jpg)

http://i176.photobucket.com/albums/w165/Zahryn/Da%20Cars/th_DSCF5750.jpg (http://i176.photobucket.com/albums/w165/Zahryn/Da%20Cars/DSCF5750.jpg)

http://i176.photobucket.com/albums/w165/Zahryn/Da%20Cars/th_DSCF5751.jpg (http://i176.photobucket.com/albums/w165/Zahryn/Da%20Cars/DSCF5751.jpg)

On the whole, the paintwork, together with the new bonnet badge, the window repair and the final clean-up and polish I'm going to have one sw@nky-pants car by the time this is finished...oh, except that he blew a headlight bulb on the way home Thursday :rolleyes:

10th September 2010, 04:21 PM
Looking good!
What do you plan on using for cutting the paint?

18th September 2010, 10:41 AM
I would recommend an impact wrench for removing the bodykit. Some of the torx screws and some of the bolts which hold it on get quite rusty from being on the underside of the car or in the wheel arches. Normal torx drivers on a normal hand operated ratchet or torx keys don't really cut it when it comes to removing rusted fasteners. They slip out when you try to apply the torque and then you end up with a wrecked head on the fastener making grinding out the only option. Screwfix do a good powerful compact impact wrench for 179.91 - almost 200nm makes it pretty powerful for the size of it. http://www.screwfix.com/prods/40065/Power-Tools/Cordless-Drills/Sparky-GUR12S-12V-Impact-Wrench

Screwfix also sell the rivets for reattaching the rubber trim to the bottom of the door. http://www.screwfix.com/prods/76744/Fixings/Blind-Rivets/Flange-Head-Rivets-4-8-x-16mm-Pack-of-250

I would drill the rivets out rather than trying to prise them off as the rubber isn't particularly robust after 20-odd years.

Having said all of above however... if it were my car I would leave the bodykit on and just clean out the drain holes so the water has somewhere to go when it rains! As it is it sounds like your drain holes are blocked so the door is just filling up with water. Take off the door card and use a tool to scrape all the dirt out of the bottom of the door along the join at the bottom edge just behind the inside of the door. There is one drain hole in the middle of the door and two much smaller and more difficult ones at either end. The drain holes at either end are horizontal rather than just pointing straight out. Probably need some fine tool to poke through and clear out. Probably spray in a bit of WD40 or something to clear the opening. The doors are designed to drain water out the bottom and if they aren't then there is some problem with the drain holes. I would waxoil into the bottom of the doors to keep the insides as rust free as possible. If the doors have been holding water for a long time then the inside of the doors may already be a bit rusty.

I don't know why you mentioned changing the gear linkage as one of the future jobs. I can't think of much that goes wrong with those?