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: power loss

22nd April 2002, 05:09 PM
my Carllson has the 3.3 fpr,uprated actuator,chipped apc[bsr,Sweden].About six months ago i took it to Trent to be set up properly,I had a feeling that it wasn't right.Glen at Trent done a 100% job and got it boosting correctly.This evening took a little run and kept a keen eye on the apc gauge.I have a in-car boost control which i turned up fully to see the response, to my agony the car only went a little in the red,and it wouldn't go back in the red.finally to you great people out there what could be the cause of me not getting my super power boost that Glen set up such a short time ago? also s/s straight through exhaust system.Thanks

1990 Carlsson 900

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Janne Selinummi
23rd April 2002, 05:40 PM
First, check all the pressure- and vacuum hoses for leaks. It could be that one hose has come loose after some high boost use.

Other than that, I suppose you should have the fuel system, ignition system and turbocharger all in order? Any of these having faults could also cause that kind of problems.