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: Koni Kit fitted

30th November 2003, 06:38 PM
Got my Koni kit fitted today at long last! Pictures to follow, it had been dark for quite a while by the time we had finished!

1st December 2003, 04:52 PM
Still haven't had a chance to take pictures as the weather is cr8p at the moment. The car is sitting much lower. After fitting the front dampers and springs and then letting it down off the jack I didn't think it was going to stop! :cheesy:

First impressions are good, the ride if firm but not too hard and I guess state the obvious, the car corners and handles much better. I think I will fit Poly anti-roll bar bushes front and rear now as the ride is not as hard as I expected it to be.

2nd December 2003, 04:51 PM
Sounds good...

I'm looking forward to the before and after shots...maybe some after shots going into a tight corner 8) :nono;