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: Stereo installation

16th April 2002, 05:23 PM
I have recently purchased a 9000 Aero, which I am delighted with, especially as this is my first foray into the world of Saabs!

However, I want to install a better stereo as I have all the bits left over from a previous custom install. Firstly, I have two power amps - I am thinking that the only sensible place that they can go is on the underside of the parcel shelf due to lack of space under the electric seats. Secondly, I have several pairs of Quart speakers, but they are all round - are the fronts oval on the Saab too? Are the standard speakers good - if not, can anyone recommend a good oval make which will work in the Saab. Finally, I would be interested to know from anyone who has obtained a really good sound in their 9000 and how they have gone about it. I am an audiofile, so am not looking for thumping bass (although I will add a small subsound quality is of the utmost importance. Any advice would be really appreciated.

19th June 2002, 10:37 AM

all i did was rip out the original blaupunkt head unit and seperate amp... installed a nice kenwood mask head unit and its sounding just grand!

i think the original speakers were of quite good quality to start with and the head unit i've installed is more top-end...

next step is cd changer...

23rd June 2002, 01:05 PM
Thanks - I already have a Denon head unit and boot changer. The standard fit speakers are very good & the rears deliver a fair punch, so I think all I will do is add my 4 channel Alpine amp to give the speakers a little more control.

24th June 2002, 03:52 AM
I havn't played with full systems in 9000's but have done some work.

Do not mount amps on underside of parcel tray. They will warp the tray leaving it looking sh*t house...
Mount one (if they are small enough) in the spare wheel well.. Your other will have to go somewhere else. Boot floor or sub box....

The speakers in 9000's are not ovals i am afraid (well not in the ones i have played with). Anyway ovals are not as good as round speakers anyway. I would aim to have a high powered front stage and leave your rear speakers. I would modify the front door map pockets (cut in half and build custom pods in front half) to accomodate some splits. Your MB Quarts might be approtpriate depending on size, they are very nice speakers. Make sure your front stage is a split system as having coaxs in the doors will fire all trebble into your leg....

As i said leave rear speakers and run them off your HU (amping rears makes them bottom out, trust me i have tried). Remember true SQ does not require much rear fill.

With your two amps you have the option of now running a fully active front stage, not running a second amp or running a subwoofer in the boot ... (IMO run the sub, a nice 10inch will deliver brilliantly)

For door mounting i would also recommend sound deadening the doors..