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: TIME to MS

29th January 2010, 05:20 AM
it is that time now to bite the bullet and start to get serious about fuel management. Reading the various threads here MS seems to be the way to go so here I go....
Car is a white 1988 Cab auto
Mods so far
SD cams
Slightly bigger intercooler pipes
3" homemade downpipe and exhaust system with 3" steel cat and muffler
relocated battery to boot
Pod filter in front bumper
MSD 6 BTM ignition with MSD leads
Davis Craig electric water pump and controller(no water pump impeller, theromstat, pulley or water pump belts)
Air con removed
Intercooler fan
SD Red serries APC
SD red serries fuel injectors

To be fitted
LC-1 Innovator wideband O2 sensor

I flipped my 1989 cab manual which did not have a O2 sensor fitted and yet my replacement a 1988 cab auto does have a sensor. Both ECU's seem to be the same although I have not compared part numbers they have the same connector. Does any one know why the 1988 has a O2 sensor and yet the 1989 does not?

30th January 2010, 05:05 AM
Had trouble starting the car today I think its the new MSD system I expect it to improve with the new MSD leads and CAP and Rotor. All the plugs were black not firing properly suggesting too rich i think the original ignition can't handle the fire power of the MSD. Am expecting new MSD leads this week and am getting a new cap and rotor plus new spark plugs, I hope will rectify the situation.

6th February 2010, 12:15 AM
its great to see another saaber going ms :D
if i may just add my 2 cents.. if you were to go MS2 then you could get rid of the current ignition system alltogether and go direct ignition. no leads, cap, rotor, distributor etc.. just one coil per plug. and the ignition will then be fully programmable.

anyway i wish you all the best with the project, and look forward to seeing how it turns out :D

6th February 2010, 05:01 AM
The black turbo icon has the crank fired ignition setup and waiting to be finished with MS(loooooooooooooooong term project).The cab, I am working on presently, I decided to go a different route with the MSD setup which I have almost sorted it. It turned out that my spark plugs are not really the correct ones and have cracks in the ceramics(will replace shortly). Also, I had to drill the distributor cap to allow the charged air to escape......suggested by MSD for small caps which stops the misfiring that I was experiencing. Car is running better now but still it hiccups now and then very annoying. I also discovered one of the injector leads was not connected properly. Fitted the new MSD leads today but have had these other problems to sort. So I have made some progress this weekend.
New plugs next week.
Am having difficulty in sourcing from SA a distributor cap and rotor(Nobody is reply to my emails!!!).