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: Saab 93 viggen coupe for sale

30th December 2009, 01:19 PM
A very rare car, a Saab 93 Viggen, only around 500-1000 in the country. These were built in the late 90's with a 2.3 turbocharged engine, new bodykit, new colours, new seats and trims for the current at that time 93. If your looking for a Viggen i'm sure you will know all about them. They had 225bhp (230 for 2000 models) and over 250 lb ft of torque so they do have impressive performance, especially on the motorway.

I have a full folder of receipts from the work I have done and some from the previous owner, I also have the original Saab folder and manual including the extra Viggen manual and a promotional booklet.

The car is a 2 Door Coupe in the best colour (used for all the promotional material) Lightening Blue with the blue and black interior. The car has done just under 117,000 miles and was first registered on 05/09/99 with 5 former keepers.

I have owned the car since September 2008 and bought it from someone local to me. The car has a full service history by Saab main dealer and Saab specialist:
*Pre Delivery Inspection: 27/08/99 by North City Saab in Chigwell, Essex
*Service No.1: 09/11/99 by North City Saab, Milage 5890
*Service No.2: 24/08/00 by North City Saab, Milage 18790
*Service No.3: 22/01/02 by Saab Fulham, Milage 29908
*Service No.4: 06/03/03 by Saab Fulham, Milage 39839
*Service No.5: 22/02/04 by Saabflight, Milage 49511
*Service No.6: 17/01/05 by Saabflight, Milage 57574
*Service No.7: 24/03/05 by Perry and Prouse, Milage 60354
*Service No.8: 06/01/06 by Perry and Prouse, Milage 73049
*Service No.9: 31/08/06 by Perry and Prouse, Milage 82834
*Service No.10: 03/09/07 by Perry and Prouse, Milage 97154
*Service No.11: 13/01/09 by Perry and Prouse, Milage 104602
*Service No.12: 30/09/09 by Perry and Prouse, Milage 115738

I also have the last 6 MOT's the last of which has just been done:
*03/02/05, Milage 57918
*27/01/06, Milage 73939
*29/01/07, Milage 88578
*25/01/08, Milage 98121
*03/02/09, Milage 105017
*05/12/09, Milage 116113

This is not a standard Viggen, but has had some modifications to it to mainly improve roadholding and handling and not the “boy racer” modifications. These have improved the handling dramatically from when I first bought the car. The only modification I didn't buy was the steering rack and clamp brace. These are:

*K&N panel filter to help airflow
*Powerflow backbox like the shape of the original viggen backbox just bigger
*Polybushed rear engine mount (also replaced gearbox bush with standard bush)

*Leather gear gaitor

*Steering rack and clamp brace
*22mm Anti-Roll bar
*6 point front strut brace
*Eibach pro-kit springs
*All bushes replaced with poly bushes apart from Front ARB and Rear ARB
*2 New Monroe shock absorbers on front.

*Ferodo DS performance pads on front
*Goodridge braided brake lines all round

Since owning the car I have also replaced the following:
*New “flat style” wiper blades, 25/11/08
*Gearbox has been stripped and 2nd gear assembly, selector and pinion bearings were replaced by Perry and Prouse on 19/09/08 and 4th gear assembly was fitted on 27/10/09.
*Front bumper was resprayed by Holley Autobodies, new mounts were put on along with a new inner arch liner on 20/05/09. Holley Autobodies also replaced the drivers side door, and sprayed and blended the drivers side when someone reversed into my driver side door in a car park without looking! Not registered as Cat C or D on V5C.
*Ignition cassette and vaccum pipe were replaced by Perry and Prouse on 24/06/09.
*New handbrake cable was fitted by Perry and Prouse on 11/11/09
*Both control arms with balljoints were replaced for the Jan 2009 MOT along with brand new Viggen discs on the front, both track rod ends and a bellows kit.

There are a couple of bad points, the car is just over 10 years old and with 117,000 miles on!
*Tax is till end of February
*Some bubbling on all the alloy wheels, think this is common with them!
*Small amount of rust appearing on the rear arches
*Couple of front windscreen chips which were advisories on the MOT
*The display on the climate control has not many pixels left, although the SID display for trip computer, radio etc is ok.
*Bottom of the front bumper has been scuffed.
*Only other advisory on the MOT was that the tread on the 2 rear tyres were low, around 3mm.
*There are some stonechips on the front bumper, bonnet, and rear arch plastic guards.
*Some scuffs on the rear bumper.
*Passenger side badge has come off, but have a replacement.

Generally for the age and milage the car is in good condition. The rear tyres do have around 3mm tread left on them as they were an MOT advisory and the front tyres are part warn with probably 4-5mm on them. The engine runs well, idles fine and like all turbocharged cars on full throttle sometimes there is a small amount of smoke from the exhaust.

Please if I have missed anything or you do have any more questions, please do not hesitate to contact me, I am looking for £3,500 ono as these are very rare cars, especially with the colour, the modifications and being a coupe.

Please e-mail or post for pictures as file sizes are too small to upload pictures.