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: I just got back a email from Jetex

7th October 2003, 02:02 PM
They don't make a exhaust for the SS :(

We have a system for the 9.3 turbo only.


Alan Jones
-----Original Message-----
From: chris <***********@comcast.net>
To: sales@jetex.co.uk <sales@jetex.co.uk>
Date: 03 October 2003 05:56
Subject: Saab 9-3 SS


I have a 2003 Saab 9-3 sports sedan. I was wondering if Jetex is coming out with a cat-back exhaust for this model. I live in the United States. I couldn't find Jetex Swedish homepage on Google. I found your website instead. Hope you guys can give me the information I'm looking for. Thanks for your time.

Chris Feinblatt

7th October 2003, 03:12 PM
is this all they said in the reply. damn thats weird. So now we forget about Jetex and start hoping for something else :cheesy:

7th October 2003, 06:05 PM
Great customer service. I think Jetex and Saab care uses the same office and people :roll: