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: Almost Ready to Tinker!

16th November 2009, 04:46 AM
Ok,So all im short is my APC and will get this 2.3lt LPT of mine hummin!

I have purchased another ECU(identical to mine)so as to have a spare on hand(cant hurt)but would like to test it before i mod it.

Is it as easy as removing/replacing the one in my car or do i need to relearn the VSS side of the ECU(if at all)?
Thanks for All info sofar.

17th November 2009, 07:56 AM
Are you using T5Suite or are you swapping for a FPT ECU?
If you are doing the T5Suite route, you can add the VSS codes (if your car has VSS) to the binary you flash onto the ECU.
If you are swapping the ECU, then you may or may not need to add/change VSS code on the new ECU IF your car has VSS