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: Upper motor mount... PITA

Solid Snake
19th October 2009, 10:56 PM
Plan A was a hammer
Plan B was a blowtorch and a hammer
Plan C was a rotozip...


I had to remove the fuel rail in order to get enough clearance. I carved out the bushing and put a slit in the metal so that it caved in and let go of the mount.

The new ones went in fairly easily, but surely there's a better way to attach motor mounts than press-fit. I love my 9k, but sometimes I wonder what those Swedes were smoking.

Is it normal for new mounts to squeak? It's either these new bushings, or maybe the other mounts or taking more punishment due to these not being sloppy?

20th October 2009, 12:40 AM
Hint for future removal of these mounts if you can't press them out.

First get the inner part of the mount removed, just leaving the outer metal shell of it. Then take a hacksaw and carefully cut into the outer metal ring on the edge of the mount. Do not cut too deep as you do not want to cut into the aluminum mount bracket. Once you cut through the mount, take a cold chisel and hammer and push the edges of the cut inwards. As the metal shell moves inwards keep bending it towards the center. Once enough of it is bent inwards it should be easy to remove it from the mount bracket.

20th October 2009, 02:44 AM
Mountains out of molehills springs to mind.;)....as posted, used a hacksaw and cut outerbush sleeve. The bush then just knocks out easily. Just remember to keep hacksaw blade parallel with carrier...hardest part is getting the blade thru the old rubber. However the whole job takes about 30 mins if fitting replacement poly bushes. Remember, if replacing with superflex 1 piece bush cut bush into 2 pieces down the centre using a sharp razor blade after drawing a line along the bush so you can line up your cut if it your cut ends up not square. Basically you are converting a superflex 1 piece bush to a powerflex type 2 piece.....simples ;)

Just remember nearly every DIY job on these cars has been described somewhere on this site....use the search facilities...easier than struggling.:cool:

Solid Snake
22nd October 2009, 01:50 PM
Oh, another thing... does the bushing's orientation within the mount matter?