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: Which Tranny can I get for my 1993 Aero???

22nd August 2009, 01:50 PM
Hello all Saabers!!

My 93' 9000 Aero is popping out of 2nd, more often when there is little resistance on the wheels than when I'm either accelerating or decelerating in gear. As such, I think my synchros are shot for 2nd Gear. Problem is, she's my only car and I'm on a budget, so ordering up an Erikson is currently not in the cards. I can pick one off any number of used cars for $125 at the local Yard, however, but I could use some guidence on what years I should even be looking at. For starters, when I PAID to have my Clutch rebuild, they told me that my Transmission was actually from a 94'. That was back in November of 08'. It stuck in my mind because no such record showed up on Carfax when I bought her!! However, Quasimotors site indicates that NO TRANNY's from 94 on will fit Pre-94 9000's!! They also specify that Pre-94' Tranny's had a dipstick in the Gearbox and all Post 93' Tranny's DID NOT. Well, mine Does have a Dipstick, so I'm confused as to which Tranny I actually have???

Do any of you have any experience with this type of thing? How can I verify which Tranny Output Flange my engine will accept, be it FM-57101, FM-57001 or other? As you can imagine, I don't want to spend a day dismantalling a Tranny from some Yard only to be told that it won't fit! I say that because I don't have the confidence nor the assistance to do the job myself.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Have a good one!!

-SAAB Snob:cool:

22nd August 2009, 05:16 PM
That's weird because mine is '93 5 spd Aero and I also have a dipstick for the gearbox. So maybe that source is wrong.

22nd August 2009, 07:41 PM
See the label on the gear box. The later part of 93 the 9k may have a FM designated gear box rather then the prior GM designated.

See what you have first.

14th September 2009, 06:07 PM
Hello again!!

I just checked the codes on the Transmission. I can see them from looking over the battery straight down. The codes appear to be located on the Top Side near the wider part flanging towards the Fly Wheel/Clutch, as compared to the gearbox itself which is flush (ie-level with) with the Bell Housing. Does this sound like the right location?

The Code Number is GM 757-07, and the other number located just under this code above a separate Bar Code is D 60932.

Might you guys be able to confirm to me what replacement Transmission my 1993 9000 Aero will accept? It is my understanding that since I happen to have a 1993, anything newer will not fit properly. Is this correct?

Any input along these lines would be greatly appreciated as I am trying to save $$$ shopping for myself, as compared to letting the shop that will be installing it do it for me and padding the cost in their process.

Any leads here in the US you might have would be appreciated as well, for refurbished, used, what have you....


16th September 2009, 09:08 AM
I am pretty sure you need GM-75701. Prior years mamual gear boxes (91 & 92) may also fit. But the gear ratio will be different. They are GM-75403 and GM-75404.

22nd September 2009, 04:49 AM
Any idea if the 5 speed in 1996 2.0 non turbo will matchup with 1994 aero?

Its currently soldering on with a weary old auto transmission.If im going to all the trouble of changing it Im thinking buy a doner car and installing all the neccessary parts.

22nd September 2009, 06:47 AM
the '96 gearbox will match up with a '94, BUT, you may have issues with the inner CV joints as the N/A and the Aero ones are different (aero ones being stronger) - you may need to change the inner drivers on the diff housing with 2.3FPT ones - this takes 5 bolts per side and some new gearbox oil.

22nd September 2009, 02:09 PM
Sorry to digress (and hi-jack), but this brings up a question I have: is the '93 CSE auto tranny unique to that year or same as <-'92 or '94-> ?