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: What year is this 9000:

23rd September 2003, 04:50 PM
In a boneyard I frequent, there is a 9000 CD turbo. This is not the 1986 I've been talking about for awhile.

It is obviously a notchback, since I've opened the trunklid and the car is elongated for the trunk. The car has been wrecked. The trunklid has an OEM turbo badge. The car has 15-spoke rims on it, as fitted to the earliest 9000's (well, only 2 15-spokers) Leather seats, automatic trans. So I would assume it to be a 1990 or something. But, the steering wheel is the cool 3-spoker with the 3 horn buttons, as fitted to the earliest 9000's. Since this car is both a US model and a notchback, how can it not have an airbag? Did not the 9000CD come out for 1990, same year as airbags?

I wonder. Next time I am there I'm checking the motor and the numbers.

23rd September 2003, 04:55 PM
1989 Was the first year of the CD model... and no air bags were in those, and yes it's a 2.0LT i Think.

24th September 2003, 04:45 AM
That must be a 1989. Tell me, does it have good E-code headlamps? I have been searching for a pair for my '91 and I have been unable to find any CD-nose H4 headlamps.