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: SAAB 9000 2.3L CSE Turbo - London - Engine 100% okay - non-runner 150

18th June 2009, 05:42 PM
1. I offer for sale SAAB 9000 2.3L CSE Turbo Hatchback, Grey, P Reg, MOT May 2010. This car belongs to my father.

2. He has owned the SAAB since it was nearly new (and it only has one previous owner - an IT company).

3. However, there is a problem. Recently whilst my father was driving the cluth pedal became very soft like water (i.e. when you press the pedeal instead of being hard, it is very soft). So the car will not drive when clutch is lifted.

3. We have not been able to take the car to the garage and is just parked on the roadside. SAAB enthusiasts on this forum have told me ------> "your SAAB clutch is Hydraulic, so the problem could be the (i) Master Cylinder or (ii) Slave Cylinder or (iii) Flex Pipe.". I have been told if it the master cylinder or flex pipe the repair is cheap. It is a slave cylinder, then it is an involved job. We simply don't know which of the 3 is the issue.

(In anycase my father was thinking of getting a newer car, so we decided to leave the car as it is)


5. Prior to this the car was running well and it was be a great shame to scrap this car especially if the engine is in good fine running order!

6. The mileage is 105k and have previous MOT certificates to back up mileage!

7. Comes with all usual SAAB specification e.g. alloy wheels, wood trim console, CD Player, Cassette player, Climate Control (AC), Leather Seats, Electric mirrors, electric windows (all working), remote central locking, heated seats, alarm, radio code..... inc manual and key fob.

8. Just recently all 4 tyres had been changed and had a full MOT! (the tyres cost 200 alone!).

9. Car has not been involved in any accidents.

10. The car has been priced dirt cheap, as my father has put a deposit on a newer car, so we need to sell ASAP. As don't want to pay for two insurance and two tax discs etc...

The photo was taken recently on a family day out. (hopefully photo shows as it is an URL link).

The car is located in East London.

Other known issues: (i) when pressing central locking does not open back door (left), have to open manually (ii) boot mat is soiled due to spillage. (iii) electrical aerial will not go up /down 100%... it does down 95%..... (iv) clock makes funny noise sometimes, usually tapping the dash, fixes it. These are all minor issues.

Please not the 'red' bit on the car engine itself is worth 100 (second hand) and a set of new tyres 200 = 300. So selling for 150 is a bargain! (and no there are no catches).

We have not called RAC / AA - so you could pursuade them to two car to your home etc....

22nd June 2009, 04:43 PM
Car is still available, will update this forum if sold....

The 4 car tyres are worth more then the price of the car (the tyres were changed recently....)

23rd June 2009, 05:41 PM
now sold!