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: Making a 87 9000 turbo faster

Jimmmy P
13th September 2003, 10:38 PM
Greetings to all,
I have recently purchased a 87 9000 Turbo, and I am wondering what can I do to make it slightly faster? It has high milage, 186,000, so if I make it faster, will it hold up? The trans and clutch seem to be perfect. I have a extra 9" K&N filter laying around, so maybe I can use that. Anythign I can do to the airbox?

Also, anyway I can make the turbo louder? How aobut hte blow-off valve? Can I change it and make it louder? thanks for any replys.

15th September 2003, 12:36 AM
you cant use a BOV on the 87 model because it utilises an AMM (air mass meter).. using a BOV will give an incorrect ammount of air flow on throttle relaese, and run the A/F mix too rich.
I have an 87 9000T and what i have done recently to achieve more power output and acceleration is to mod the APC computer. the mod is alot safer than running an MBC as the APC will still control the boost if/when knocking occurs.
all this requires is a little soldering of wires and adjusting a potentiometer with a screwdiver.
if you remove the intake hose off the airbox, you get better airflow into the box, but it would then be taking hot air from behind the radiator, so relocating a larger intake pipe into the airbox would give better flow.

if you get better airflow into the airbox , then it has been found that the standard dump valve is quite a bit louder on some cars.. i think using a piston style valve helps in this aswell.

hope this helps

23rd September 2003, 08:08 PM
The rich fuel mixture is worth the sacrifice of better response.

I think.

23rd September 2003, 10:12 PM
Tweak the APC run either stock 2.5 exhaust or go all the way and get 3" all the way with a hallow cat or no cat with a later model (89+) 9000 Factory air box with k&N filter. That is the best way to get this car to fly for the least amount of buck. I have a "red box" apc in mine and a stock 2.5" exhaust with cat :( and it IS a high milleage car at 270,000 MILES and still can hold it's own. Runs 15ish i'd bet ;) stock was 15.9 btw for the 1/4 mile on the 2.0T in the 87 9000 Turbo. Not bad for a Family Sedan ;)

27th September 2003, 05:48 PM
Well the site is only in icelandic but the pictures speak their language.

It started by making it a little faster with bigger exhaust and more air/fuel pressure, then I got into dragracing and then there was no stopping. Best E.T. is 12.97 sek. at 112 miles.

Regards, Jón Gunnar

5th October 2003, 10:57 AM
Well now I´ve got better tires than last time, I have MT ET drag 26*8,5*15 and they really hook up. So a week ago there was a dragrace here in Iceland and i took my best e.t. it was 12,265 sec. @ 113,3 miles. My car is a true muscle car eater with a high sleeper factor.

Regards from Iceland, Jón Gunnar