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: Saab factory part#'s-anyone have access?

5th May 2009, 07:26 PM
Hello- I have an '04 Linear with 16" wheels. My driver's side caliper was intermittently sticking, causing the pads to wear much worse on that side. It was progressively getting worse, so I ordered a rebuilt caliper from Upon receiving the part, I noticed that I had the wrong caliper after I removed my wheel. My car has a 2 piece caliper design (2 big torx fasteners holding it together), with the mounting points for the caliper bracket being 5" apart. The "new" caliper was a one piece design, with the holes in the mounting bracket 3" apart. Both are ATE models, the one on my car is GM FNG 57/25 The new one says FN3 57/25. The only place that seems to have the front calipers for the 9 3 is RockAuto and The Saabsite, with the latter's prices considerably higher. Could anyone decipher these numbers? I'm assuming they sent me a caliper for 15" wheels? My car is a "late" '04, build date was May of '04. Thanks.