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: Bilsteins w/ Aero Springs - Any Criticisms?

4th May 2009, 02:03 PM
About a year ago I poked around ( asking about suspension setups and I'm just now getting around to taking care of that on my '99 LPT. I've settled on Bilstein HDs but found that the Abbott springs are incredibly expensive to ship over here to the states. Freight is about as much as the springs themselves! :cry:

A lot of people seem to be happy with the Bilsteins on stock Aero springs and I might try to save myself some cash by just swaping the LPT mush for those.

My biggest fear is finding a new setup that's crashy, erratic and clearly aftermarket (and not in a good sense). I just want something sporty, boardering on firm, and very composed. Is this a reasonable expectation? (16" rims here) Has anyone any negative feedback with regard to this combination?

4th May 2009, 02:22 PM
I just want something sporty, boardering on firm, and very composed.
This is exactly how I would describe the setup. A very composed, confident european ride without being crashy or jarring. It doesn't float over bumps, but reacts and absorbs them quickly. If you don't mind sacrificing performance for more comfort, especially over quick bumps (asphalt lines in the road, etc), the Koni FSD's are a good option as well.

I wouldn't normally recommend running HD's with lowering springs anyways, since they were designed to pair with the stock springs. Raven found his Eibach springs were underdamped on HD's, so he switched to the Sports, which are quite a bit firmer.

4th May 2009, 05:14 PM
Just to clarify, Bilstein HD's and Sports both have the same valving, but the sport is an inch shorter, accomodating the lowering springs. Only use HD's with Saab springs. Eibach or H&R need the sports.


4th May 2009, 10:50 PM
Great. Thanks for the help! I sourced a set of springs. :cool: