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: For Sale: Ng 900 pieces

18th April 2009, 07:12 PM

Saab 900 SE

V6, 5-speed manual gearbox (pretty rare)


Engine has usual V6 problem, slipped belt.

I have a complete other busted V6. I figure half the valves are bad in one, half the valves bent in the other, you could very well switch them and have a good engine

I know my other motor even ran but it made a lot of smoke and noise! Haha!

So here we are

Not rusty except it is, driver's door for example

Rear seats are beautiful leather, passenger front not bad. Driver's sucks but is fine

Carpets okay

Headliner I think OK

Dash is great

Rear suspension come and get it 5-speed manual it is pretty okay. The V6/5-speed will turn 3000 rpm at about 70 mph, I believe it is shorter gears than the turbo 2,-.

I took the RF control arms apart that is why the wheel is weird. But the damn thing doesn't fit (it is the newer 95+ and some 94 style) so if you still need one!!

Car is in upstate New York, I am in Montreal for logistics.

Contact me via the e-mail, smaartaassaabr (at symbol) and we can make deals.