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: need suggestions for a new exhaust (88 9000s)

4th September 2003, 09:38 PM
When i was driving today, the pipe after the flexi-piece that connects to the cat broke off of the cat. The car is REALLY loud without it. :( I'm thinking of just getting standard stuff from eeuroparts. (exhaust header pipe, catalytic convertor, cat heatsheild - mine has a big hole in it, and the required nuts/bolts/gaskets) It'll be close to $400 for those things. I'm wondering if there is a stainless catback exhaust for this year car..or any better suggestions for going from-manifold to cat.


I wont be able to drive the car for like a month ($$$$), this sucks :(

4th September 2003, 10:55 PM
Well i know for less then $200 u can get a cat-bak supply of parts from E-europarts shipped free to ya ;) That's what i got and boy is it ever quiet.