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: "1500 dollar budget 84 saloon DD build"

1st April 2009, 06:17 AM
So I figured I finally do a build thread since I'm starting a new project DD, the start of the project is a 84 auto 8v saloon that I traded a buddy for a starter, and a hood. Lol. So the the body is very clean minus a bent up drivers rear fender lip. But its a hideous faded rose quarts color. The cars previous owner started ripping it apart to replace the trans and gave up, so my first project will be to remove the 8v,auto,box and all the wiring and CIS. Stuff. The plan then is to drop in a 5spd, 16v, and harness, ecu, ect... Respraying the engine bay and doing some cleaning and bushings, PS rack while the lumps out. And hitting it with a fresh coat of Flat white. Next in order to do the wiring the dash, knee boulster, console, ect have to come out so I'm gonna clean up the interior which is actually really clean old skool burgundy velour, and rewrap the dash in some vinyl from joanns, and do a plaid headliner. While all that's out I'll be doing the pedal swap also. Next phase will be do dig into the suspension replacing all the bushings in urethane, toyota 4x4 front caliper conversion, the car already has new KYB gr2's all around and I gotta set of old cut jamex's sitting around I'm gonna throw on for some stance. Next will be to tackle the body work, fixing the damaged rear lip, and scuffing her down for some more Flat white paint.(I'm going for a 15 paint job mind you) I'm leaving the PoS bumpers because I don't really care and plan on ripping off a lot to autoX, I also have a SPG kit I'm gonna try fitting and some clear corners, looking for some ecodes. I've already shaved the rear trunk key hole and intenea. So this is the beginning I just figured I'd share the route I'm heading I'll take some pics today when I begin ripping it really apart.

1st April 2009, 08:32 AM
flat paint is the ****:) my 9k would be flat black if it didnt have such nice paint:)

1st April 2009, 11:22 PM
Well I wanted white and I went with flat because 1 it cost me 15bucks for a case of the stuff, and 2 flat paint seem to hide minor flaws which gloss would not. And its truely gonna look badass as soon as I finish it and give it a wet sand and buff. Oh I'm doin metalic burgandy centers on the manhole covers I think there gonna look hotness, just trying to deciede if I wanna put the flatnose spg kit I got on it? Or its gonna look better without it.