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: Oil-Pump O-ring

2nd March 2009, 08:54 AM
I know there are previous posts on this subject, but I need a little clarification/advice on this procedure. I picked up a 93 900s vert and have been living on this site! I think I've located the last of my problems with leaks, the shifter rod seal and the oil pump o-ring. I've found a detailed breakdown for replacing the rod-seal, but the o-ring seems to be intertwined with the crank seal. Can someone please breakdown the procedure for me? What additional seals/gaskets must be replaced when addressing the o-ring? Any surprises?

Thanks in advance,

2nd March 2009, 11:48 AM
There are two seals around the crank.

One seal is a hard metal seal with a rubberized lip and a spring that stops oil leaking from the end of the crankshaft. Call that the crankshaft seal if you like.

Then the other seal is just an o-ring that is pressed (by finger) into the back of the oil pump housing and that seals the oil pump housing against the timing cover. When I fit this I normally bump-it up a bit with some Saab liquid flange sealant as I don't trust the rubber o-ring to seal by itself.

To change both of these seals you will have to remove the crank pulley so the oil pump can be removed. The crankshaft seal is pressed into the outside of the oil pump-cover and the o-ring is pressed into the inside of the oil pump cover. Both seals can be fitted by hand and no specialist tools are needed.