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: Motor Mounts, Talk about being Trashed! Check the PICS

25th August 2003, 10:38 PM
Well, today (Monday) DeLorean (doing most the work and thank you for that) Finished off the last of the mechanical repairs that we can do ourselves. Below are the pics of the Motor mounts we took out...they were PRETTY trashed... feels like a new car! So after we put everything back together we took it for a spin, btw does 115mph real easy now with NO vibrations thanks to some new tires...the old ones were throwing chunks and showing belts...well on our way home we passed a porkerrrr..i mean pig, well a K-9 unit and well, having neither one of us smell him, we passed him doing the speed limit and sure enough we were snagged. For what you ask?! Well...when you have a PA tag, and a NJ out of Date could cause problems when pulled over. However, we told the "truth" Just coming back from the shop, cars been in storage for repairs, just on our way home and all. Well the cop gave DeLorean the standard i'm a dick line - "don't get smart with me" - for what, we are both still unsure. Anyways, after about 30 minutes of that crap from them, we both got warnings, pig didn't feel like writting a ticket... WTF!! and his partner walked by and said earlier - "just give them a ticket for something" - SOMETHING! You didn't even have a reason when ya pulled us over, i mean what is the world coming to when ya can't even test drive a car. Sheesh. Oh and also, i had an open Computer tool kit on the back seat and an A/C compressor on the floor, right, so the pig, sorry officer says - You want to goto jail, i see a PA tag, NJ inspection, and a car FULL of car parts, what would ya do if i check the VIN #'s on those parts, i bet they are stolen" - WHAT A MORRON!! We should have gotton his Badge # and Name....
Anyways, the pics... :roll: :nono;
This is the "Back" Mount
This is the "Front" Mount
And they SHOULD look like this, this is one of the new ones we ut in...
And the Two Bad ones...

More Pics of the day will be posted shortly in the Lounge!

25th August 2003, 10:53 PM
I must say, that cop was the largest *** I have even had the misfortune of dealing with. I can't believe how rude and belligerent he was. The cop starts out by asking "what's wrong with this car" and when I reply, "what do you mean by that", he threatens to take us both to jail. WTF is that? We live in the United States, not 1938 Germany... anyways, the car is great, drives more like 60K than 270K and it just needs a few other little things done. THANKFULY, I'm not in jail right now, so that's all good. It's been a very very bad week for me. I was in NC Thurs when I round a bend, BANG, cop. I was up around 44 and it has just TURNED into a 35 zone as he nabs me for 44 in a 35 (got the ticket) anyways, it's been a BAD week. It would only take about 2 or 3 more horrible things to happen this week before my mind would take a breif vacation.

26th August 2003, 02:51 AM
DeLorean, care to add to the list of parts that's been replaced on the 9000 since I bought it? I'll say what i can recall.

Idle Air Controler
All (almost) Vaccume Lines
Main Hose off TB to Turbo
Fuses - 90% of them
Relays - Still needs a few
Gauge Cluster - still making another new one
Spark Plugs
New Cords
New Rotor
New Distributor Cap
Oil Change and Filter
New rear Tire Well
New Rear Shocks
New Shifter Knob ;)
Front Tires
Clutch Kit
Motor Mounts (both)
Tranny Mount - as soon as we can figure out how!
Re-charged the K&N Filter
Wiper Blades
Flushed Radiator
New Brakes all the way around

That's all i can

26th August 2003, 10:20 AM
yeah, and it still needs work!

29th August 2003, 05:06 AM
Looks like it's coming along pretty well guys! I'm sure I'll be up there someday, and be able to check it out. ;)

I'm doing a lot of projects myself, on the SPG this weekend. Motor mounts could easily work itself into the scope of my scheduled projects. Overall, sounds like it was well worth it. Keep up the good work gentlemen!