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: Feels like there's no turbo when cold

30th January 2009, 12:37 PM
I've got a 93MY 2.0 LPT CS.

A few times when the engine's cold and I pull away from a junction, it feels like there's no turbo kicking in and the acceleration's rubbish. After a couple of times in the first few minutes it does this, then everything's back to normal.

Where's a good place to start diagnosing? Could it be a vacuum problem or something up with the wategate?

I thought the wastegate diverted gas from the turbo to reduce the pressure as a boost control, could it be sticking open and therefore not allowing gas to the compressor, otherwise I can't see how it would affect the power. Does it sit open at idle to by pass the turbo completely and then close to allow the gasses to be compressed, opening again to control the boost?

Many thanks