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: driver door locked

24th December 2008, 05:45 PM
The lock part of the door has somehow failed. The lock is opened, but the door won't open. I had this fault about 1 month ago for the first time. After some time I could get the door open (just waiting to the next day). Central locking works fine etc. so the problem is fully mechanical.

After this first failure I looked the lock and found out that the clip that releases the actual lock part (see picture what I mean with te "lock part") does not move enough. It moves downwards as it should, but just not enough to release the lock part.

Now the door has been locked itself again. How the door can be opened? If I take door interior off, can I move this clip or what should I do?

And can I adjust the travel distance of the releasing clip or do I have to buy new lock part?