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10th December 2008, 09:22 AM
Hey there. Just thought I'd start a project thread for my Carlsson. This car was never ment to be a project but since getting it home and having a propper look it has turned into one. I found it on PistonHeads and one thing just lead to another. Had no idea I was gona end up owning it after first seeing it. But it did look good. And it sounded good too. This is a pic that was sent to me by the previous owner that in my opinion was defo taken a while ago. And the second pic must have been doctor'd cause I can't see the horrible dent that is on my rear right quarter panel anywhere. A dent that the previous owner apparently didn't do.

Now it looks great in these pics and would defo make anyone who was looking for a Red Carlsson jump on a plane to go see it. Which is what I did and I brought the money with me just in case. When I actually saw it I knew the pics were old. The bodykit was hanging off in places and the paint was faded too. The wheels didn't look as nice either. This weekend I noticed that the rims were sprayed silver. I never noticed that over there cause they looked ok when standing back. But the fun began after leaving Bristol in the car. That's when I noticed that a lot of things I was told were fine weren't working. It drove ok but half way to Holyhead the right front wheel bearing started making noise. Within 3 days of having it in Ireland the wheel was ready to fall off with half the bearing. Luckly enough, or strangly enough there was a new bearing for it in the boot. It's weird how people can make something shut up for the perfect amount of time till it's not their problem anymore.

Since having it home I've found a few other things wrong with it. The windscreen washer didn't work and the Carlsson arches were different to the ones on my other 900. At first I thought they must be after-market but I have found brochure pics of the Carlsson with both types on it. But these arches never looked right and a friend of mine found that they were on wrong. The arches on the front were meant for the back and vice-versa. He also put my new bearing in.

First mishap!

I'm not one to hit my cars off thing much but on Saturday night at around 3am I was heading home after being out. It was freezing out and I live in the country side where is gets mighty cold. At one point the roads were like an Ice-rink and there was very little I could do when the car started to slide. I wasn't drunk cause I don't drink before you blame that :D I came to the corner at around 20mph and turned the wheels but the car went straight. I didn't go near the brakes cause that would have been pointless but the only thing I could think to do was to straighten the wheels till they gripped the road or whatever was under me. This actually worked cause it started to go to the left but it wasn't enough. It was enough to make me miss a pole and not go into the bush but It went up onto a fairly high grass verge and my front bumper took the brunt of it. It was raised so high that I could see it from inside the car. The next day I got to fixing it as much as I could but noticed that the bumper had been pushed forward about 1cm and wouldn't go back in. I also changed the arches around to where they are supposed to be but this still left gaps between the arches and bumpers. I was right at the begining that someone had butchered them at some stage. The gaps could also be down to the bumper being pushed forward. When I get a chance I will take the bumper off and see what other hidden damage there is.

The place where I damaged my pride. Check out how close I was to hitting the pole from the tyre tracks left. This verge doesn't look high in this pic but it felt high. I also noticed a good few big rocks in the grass. May actually be the cause of my bumper damage.

My bumper before fixing it. It was higher than this at the time.

Evidence that it has been moved forward. And my lovely chrome grill fell off yesterday because of this. Nothing supporting it underneath. A few cars drove over it too before I could retrieve it.

Pic of back arch before I swapped them around. Gaps everywhere.

Front arch before swapping. Totaly wrong. Who could make this mistake?

This is the only pic I've taken of the whole car so far. I was working on it for most of the day and at tidy up time it was dark. But any pic of a 900 looks great!

10th December 2008, 09:35 AM
nice car.
if it`s sound mechanically then fix those bumpers/arches and be happy.
I`ve got scrabee green airflow 3-d and red airflow `vert which I both love.

12th December 2008, 12:42 PM
Looks like a nice machine and seems like a very good base to start with,
im sure yours has been tweaked here and there by previous owners in the search for more bhp I know mine was.
Anyhow first thing to do is get back to standard and take it from there, it will save heaps of time in the long run eg. remove any manual boost controllers etc, make sure your apc is set as it should think I got all the specs from another site and its quite easy to check, just need a multimeter and youre sorted, then make sure your ignition timing is as it should be at idle and under boost, just need a bicycle pump and a timing light for these jobs I can lend you mine or show you how to do it if you want,
once you have them bits sorted time to sort out the cosmetics:D
Might want to do the reverse gear mod if youre still getting grief from reverse clunking, could have chipped a tooth