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: Saab 95 blue smoke on highway

29th November 2008, 03:13 AM
Hey everyone, i am a 19 year college student who just recently purchased a 6 cylinder 1999 saab 95 with 120,000 miles from my moms boyfriends toyota dealership becuase it was a trade in. I bought it for 2500$ and it was previosuly owned by a 65 year old couple who were the only owners and kept the car immaculate. They changed the oil every 3 thousand miles and serviced it when in was due. the car runs great around town and has no issues until i go on the highway....The car starts out runnning fine but about 15 minutes into the ride it starts to chug and a puff of blue/white smoke comes out of the exhaust and the car loses alot of power...if i continue to press the gas while its doing in the check engine light comes on and the code is random cylinder misfire...if i let my foot off of the gas for about 30 seconds the car goes back to compltely normal and no check engine light comes on but then it happens about 15 minutes later...this problem is devastating me becuase i am a hard working college student who doesnt have alot of money and i worked so hard to get this car...I had the car checked out by a saab specialist and he did not find any problems that would be catastrophic ex. head gasket. I contacted the original owners and they informed me that the turbo was replaced 40 thousand miles ago so i have a feeling its not that...when the problem happens it feels as if something is clogging...i just dont understand why the car runs so great around town and even on the highway before it starts to smoke...if anybody could reply to give me any ideas of what to have specificaly checked out would be great...

29th November 2008, 05:23 AM
joec1214, welcome to the forum.

Drop by the nearest Autozone, they provide free diagnostic trouble codes (DTC) retrieval from your car.(Connected to the OBDII connector below your steering wheel)

Come back to the forum with the codes.