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want a 9000
25th November 2008, 12:47 AM
I see a lot of info on how to mod the ecu

and I was just wondering how these mods compare to the red box and other aftermarket box/kits

25th November 2008, 01:30 AM
I bought my chip from swedish dynamics and it was well worth it. If you get a chip you want to add larger injectors and fpr. This will give you stable boost without knock untill your intercooler gets heatsoaked. I did the stage 4 red box, chip, 40 lb/hr injectors, 3 bar fpr, and fmic. I had a stock spg before and after i did all that, the difference was amazing. I did it all in 2 days. i took the car for a drive before i started. Then after i finished all of that i listed. I bought all the parts then did it all in one shot. And the difference was mind blowing. If it wasn't for the fact my clutch was slipping i would peg the boost gauge in the red all day long with out any knock. I also added a knock LED so i know when i knock an when i don't. I havnt had any running about mid red boost completely stable.

But in short, a chip alone won't give you alot of added power, but in combination will do WONDERS.