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4th November 2008, 03:59 PM
Hi, first post. Been looking for a while but just registered.

I'm just looking for a bit of honest advice at the moment. I have been looking at a few different 9-3 2.2 diesels. Could people tell me what i should be looking for when i go to look at some with regards to tell tale signs of a donkey, common faults?

Are SAABS as expensive to run and are parts as expensive when compared to other makes as people make out or are a lot of things like that just myths? How does the real life MPG figures compare to the official SAAB figures and how many miles do you get to a full tank etc.

Like i said earlier i have been looking at a few. Really like the look of them and for the money you seem to get a lot of car for your cash. What sort of mileage would a good diesel get too before it will start being on its last legs?

Cheers in advance for any help. Hopefully i can find a nice example for the right money.....:D

4th November 2008, 05:44 PM
Welcome to Saab Central, Saabater

Check our Sticky FAQ on used cars...

As with any used car, try speaking directly with the PO(previous owner).

There seem to be more and more Diesels around; maybe in 2108 for the good ole USA.

5th November 2008, 04:58 PM
Look for post-2001 models - with 125 bhp engine, because it is much better than the older one (115 bhp).

Start her up, noise and vibrations are normal :), some smoke on startup is also expected. During the test drive, apart from usual things, pay attention to acceleration, excessive smoke, weird hissing sounds,...

Common failures are MAP and MAF sensors (both trigger the" check engine" light) and fuel return lines. To test them, park the car on a hill, front end facing upwards. Try to start it after at least 30 mins. Long crank time or failure to start indicates failure.

My average fuel consumption is 6,5 l/100 km (do the calculation yourself :)), mixed urban/suburban/country driving with the AC on.

Mileage: if the car had been regulary serviced, it will last almost forever or will completely rust before the engine failure.