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: any FAQ thread that explains the various acronyms??

3rd November 2008, 09:57 AM
new to the saab thing and getting used to yet another car subculture forum is always fun :roll:

trying to figure out some of you guy's acronyms is making my brain numb. usually there's a sticky FAQ that will explain the various shortterms thrown around by people in-the-know.

some that have me confused and I havent been able to figure out yet because they are always referred to in short term are:

BSR (assume a brand name performance company?)
PPC (absolutely no clue but lots of people do it haha)

2.0t and 2.0T apparently there IS a difference in the 2.0 turbo engines as I see it thrown around a lot. I'm assuming 2.0t is the lower 160hp engine and the 2.0T is for the 210hp engine??

is there a sticky explaining this stuff and I'm blind or what?

3rd November 2008, 10:51 AM
PPC is portable program carrier, the device which carries a software upgrade to rewrite your tuning. check it out on Genuine Saab

The T is 210, the t is 175.

Go up to the Tech Help Tab and click on 93 info.