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: Whoa....speedparts.se

03-08-03, 05:52 PM
hey i was on http://www.speedparts.se/arkiv/bilder/kund_refbilar/pa.shtml and i saw the rims on this 9000 and i cant figure out what size they are... Does anybody know the size of those rims?
i wanna say 19?

i really need to know if 18 inch rims are the biggest an aero can have or not..Thanks!

08-08-03, 01:36 PM
What a monster car! Not sure about the 97 'ars' modell, though. 690nm torque???

They look like 19"s to me. Car looks great, but I think you would be rattled to death in a 9000 with such low profile rubber!

12-08-03, 10:38 AM
easy now.... the car is magnificent! It says in Swedish that the CLUTCH can withstand 690NM torque, nothing else (unless I read poorly).

btw, PAs new 9-3 has 600+bhp

my first post here on this forum.......

12-08-03, 12:23 PM
Hello tummen - nice to see that you use the same nick here ;)

/Mats 2720

13-08-03, 03:36 AM
Well my nick does not "work" in English, but people from other forums might know who I am then at least. You Mats use the same avatar here also!

Back to topic, maybe PA had 19" rims on his car, but I think 18" are just right.
Check the Swedish website http://www.stcs.nu/ under arkiv/medlemsbilar/9000CS and see for yourself. A few cars there have 18" and it looks great. You can post the same question there under their forum also.


16-08-03, 05:23 PM

The car has BBS Challenger 8,5"x19" rims with 235/35 tires.

// Fredrik
SAAB 9000Aero-96

16-08-03, 06:04 PM
Hmm... it's one thing adding things to the car that are purely cosmetic, but the wheels and tyres are an extremely important part of the drivetrain. That car must handle pretty badly on normal roads and the first serious pot-hole it comes across will quite likely take out one of those wheels.

If it's intended for the track, where the surface is very smooth, it's a completely different matter. However, 19" wheels on a road-going 9000 would be to the detriment of both ride and handling. Not to mention they look really OTT.

16-08-03, 06:05 PM
Oh, and welcome to SaabCentral, Fredrik. :D