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: What is the best performance exhaust?

03-03-02, 08:13 PM
I want to put a complete performance exhaust on my SPG, which one out there will increase my engine hp the most? I also would like to have a nice throaty sound from the exhaust..any ideas? I have a catback borla exhaust on my N/A 900 but i want something different than a borla for the SPG..all input is greatly appreciated. THANKS!

03-03-02, 08:15 PM
Hmm, mild steel or stainless steel 3" all the way through would be best. You might have to get it custom made though.

03-03-02, 09:18 PM
Do you think the cat should go as well?

04-03-02, 01:24 AM
Well only if you don't get smog checks in Maine. In California I think I'd need to take all of my mods out just to pass... so it depends where you live.

Janne Selinummi
04-03-02, 05:07 AM
JT systems are cheap and good, and if you are willing to get the absolute best exhaust system, then you'll have to move the battery to the boot, but in return you get 10 hp more through a better turbo down-pipe.
(That'll add up to a total of about 25 horsepower gained!)

A complete 3-inch exhaust including a s/s down pipe is around 250.

You can get one at http://www.speedparts.se or straight from the manufacturer at
Of course shipping costs money, but this should still be cheaper than a custom system.

04-03-02, 02:19 PM
Notice any performance changes with the borla on the n/a 900? Where did you get it?

04-03-02, 02:33 PM
Yeah I did. What I did was bought a stainless universal exhaust and then had the rest of the exhaust custom bent from the cat-back. The engine is able to tach a lot quicker and it seems to have a lot better take off. Not to mention the loudness of the exhaust..they sound very nice. I got mine at husker performance. They have the best prices I have found anywhere on borla exhaust products....and you will receive the exhaust in less then a week. Also if you get a swedish dynamics intake for your n/a 900 with that exhaust, you will notice a big difference in mid-range and top end.

04-03-02, 02:34 PM
Does anyone know how good the swedish dynamics exhausts are? I am more concerned about performance than sound.

06-03-02, 09:11 AM
Actually, the swedish performance exhausts are what I was planning on using for mine -- a header and the rest. I'm hoping for good performance!

06-03-02, 09:24 AM
by the by, have you taken a gander at this link? http://saabc900.home.mindspring.com/Performance%20Price%20Guide.htm It's got the prices, and sizes of most of the places to get Saab performance exhausts.

06-03-02, 12:41 PM
Yeah i have a 900S 16V 4 door and i have the swedish dynamics intake and plug wires on it and was thinking about going for the headers..but then i got an spg and lost interest in it....tell me how it goes with the headers and the exhaust, I am really curious

07-03-02, 10:13 AM
OK, I'll post when I get the head, and exhaust in and put on to see what performance I get. . . I'll probably post questions, too!